About Us

At Boland Funerals a Guardian Funeral Provider, we are honoured and privileged to be able to help families celebrate the values that made their loved ones who they are, and who they forever will be.

Boland Funerals a Guardian Funeral Provider is managed by Rob James. Rob leads a team of funeral directors at the Maroubra funeral home.

You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on (02) 9314 2778.

With over 55 years of experience in tailoring funeral services to the needs of families in and around Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, our funeral directors are well-established and connected in the local communities they serve, and proud to uphold the values we believe in: Family, Honour, Trust, Respect, Commitment and Loyalty.

Our History

Boland Funerals was established in 1962 when Eric Boland changed the way people thought about a funeral service. At the time, most funerals were conducted in private homes, but Sydney was becoming a city where people required quality service and a funeral service provider with integrity.

Eric Boland and Royce Gregory understood the need to relieve grieving families of the details of preparing their homes for the funeral and so many visitors. His funeral home would answer that need. On that premise, he founded what was then known as a "Funeral Home and Chapel" in Newtown.

Over the years Boland Funerals has had the privilege of serving many Heads of State, Members of the arts and entertainment world, and families from all walks of life. We cater for all backgrounds, honouring the deceased and comforting their families.

Eric Boland instilled in his staff an understanding of the value of courteous service and attention to detail, provided to all families. This integrity remains our core principle as Boland Funerals a Guardian Funeral Provider.


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Location & Facilities

Located on Maroubra road and serving the Maroubra and Randwick communities, find out more about our catering, arrangement rooms and parking availability.

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Our Community

At Boland Funerals a Guardian Funeral Provider, our funeral directors are proud of their commitment to supporting the communities of Maroubra, Randwick and surrounding Eastern suburbs.

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Our Commitments

Boland Funerals is committed to helping you by organising and conducting a funeral service that celebrates the values of the person you love in the best way possible.

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